Global Health Equity: Religion


I have taught Religion at Carrollton for thirteen years and currently Chair the Religion department. The goals and criteria as well as the values of Sacred Heart are dear to me as I strive daily to incorporate the value of making Christ’s love known to the world in the lessons I teach and in my own action.

Essential Questions:

  • How can we respond to Christ’s call to exhibit care and concern for the least among us?
  • What role does prayer have in strengthening our relationships with others, even those we may never have met?
  • If our actions affect others in negative ways how can we affect others with positive actions?


The students will know and understand…

  • The importance of prayer in their lives as well as the necessity of focusing their prayers on the needs of others.
  • Reflection on the interconnected nature of our global community is necessary.
  • Their actions matter and to consider ways to affect others through positive actions


The students will be able to…

  • Practice mindfulness and care and concern for others.
  • Consider multiple prayer styles within the rich tradition of the Catholic faith.
  • Create a visual demonstration of their prayers.

Learning Activities:

  • Students will create prayer flags for victims of the unequal distribution of healthcare. These will be hung outside as the nature of prayer flags is to allow the “flag” to blow in the wind to symbolic spread those prayers and well wishes to the wider community.
  • Once they are hung students will participate in a prayer service focusing on those, who are “least among us” in our global community we wish to prioritize and honor with our prayers.
  • This will be done during Lent to draw upon a Lenten them of prayer. Lent is a wonderful time in the Liturgical Calendar to focus the mind and heart on the Paschal Mystery and the glory of Christ’s resurrection at Easter. By directing our prayers towards those who are unjustly marginalized is the first step of shaping a globally minded community of faith.

Additional ideas to extend the unit:

  • Prior to creating the Prayer Flags students could research the impact of Global Health Equity as it relates to Morality, Catholic Social Teaching, Scripture, etc. There are multiple ways to incorporate learning as a research project or in class activity culminating with the prayer service and Prayer Flag activity.

Goals and Criteria:

Goal One: Educate to a personal and active faith in God:

  • Rooted in the love of Jesus Christ, the school promotes a personal relationship with God and fosters the spiritual lives of its members.
  • The school seeks to form its students in the attitudes of the heart of Jesus expressed in respect, compassion, forgiveness and generosity.
  • The entire school program explores one’s relationship to God, to self, to others, and to all creation.
    Opening themselves to the transforming power of the Spirit of God, members of the school community engage in personal and communal prayer, reflection and action.
  • The entire school program affirms that there is meaning and value in life and fosters a sense of hope in the individual and in the school community.
  • The school fosters inter-religious acceptance and dialogue by educating to an understanding of and deep respect for the religions of the world.
  • The school presents itself to the wider community as a Christ-centered institution and as an expression of the mission of the Society of the Sacred Heart.
  • Goal Three: Educate to a social awareness which impels to action:

    • The school educates to a critical consciousness that leads its total community to analyze and reflect on the values of society and to act for justice
    • The school is linked in a reciprocal manner with ministries among people who are poor, marginalized and suffering from injustice.
    • In our multicultural world, the school prepares and inspires students to be active, informed, and responsible citizens locally, nationally, and globally.

    Goal Four: Educate to the building of community as a Christian value:

    • The school implements an ongoing plan for educating both adults and students in the heritage and mission of Sacred Heart education.
    • The school promotes a safe and welcoming environment in which each person is valued, cared for and respected.
    • The school participates actively in the national and international networks of Sacred Heart schools.

    Goal Five: Educate to personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom:

    • All members of the school community show respect, acceptance and concern for themselves and for others.


    • Power point to introduce the topic to the students
      • This includes Catholic Social Teaching, Scripture and facts from Partners in Health, as well as examples
      • Additionally, there will be examples of Prayer Flags and descriptions of the purpose of prayer flags
    • Scripture and/or prayers for the prayer service once the Prayer Flags are hung (this is also an opportunity, if time permits, to have students create this prayer experience)
    • Fabric squares (one idea is to have students bring in bed sheets to cut up and use)
    • Roping, string or ribbon to fasten the squares together
    • Download the Prayer flag presentation