Videos from the Symposium

See all of the videos taken from each of the major speakers, breakout sessions and discussions here.

Global Health Equity Symposium

A Global Health Equity Symposium sponsored by the Sacred Heart Network will bring educators, medical professionals, world visionaries and students together for a weekend to share and explore the inequalities of health systems throughout the world, the reasons the discrepancies exist, the work that is being done and what paradigm shifts need to take place in the future.

Preparing the next generation

How do we prepare our students to contribute their gifts and use their talents in a quickly changing global society?

If we expose them to global issues and educate them to comprehend and explore the solutions that are critically needed, we will facilitate their journey to become globally aware citizens who strive to affect social change. This is part of our Sacred Heart mission and we have an opportunity to do just that this spring.


The beginning of a symposium

Learn how a high school art project grew into a nationwide symposium on addressing health issues from around the globe by viewing the video below. Patricia Wiesen, Department Chair of the Visual and Performing Arts and Educator, began working with Dr. Paul Farmer to bring awareness to global health inequality with her International Baccalaureate Visual Arts students. This project grew into a multidisciplinary initiative which evolved into this symposium.

"To influence our world we must understand it."

Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat